Dreamers Collage Canvas with ETI and Ann Butler Designs

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Here is my project!

final project border

To give just a brief background (and brief because there are lots of steps to this project and this post will be a bit long): My son and his girlfriend just recently moved across country. They are both very much “dreamers” and I know we’ll see big things from them. As they will not be here during holidays, this project was my way of spending just a little bit of time with them.

Now, on to the fun stuff!
1. I started my making molds using ETI Easy Mold Silicone Putty. This is a quick way to create molds and is odorless/non-toxic, and extremely simple to use.  Instructions in the package are very easy to follow! Start with two equal parts, both colors, of the mold components. You have a 3 minute window, so the putty needs to be blended, with the color being even and having no streaks. This will take about a minute to blend evenly. Make sure to have your object ready, that you want to use. Once the two colors are blended, roll in a ball, and press the object into the putty. This will set in approximately 30 minutes. For some things it can be used immediately, but if you are using resin, like I am, the molds must cure for 24 hours. The photo on the right shows some of the molds I made, of which 2  are used on this project.


2. After the molds have cured, I was ready to create my items to use for my canvas. I used the ETI Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy. Again, this is a 2 part process, and ‘again’, instructions in the packet are wonderful. Pour equal amounts and blend, following the instructions to a T! The one thing I found to be very helpful is to make sure your work area is  between 70-85 degrees F, and the EasyCast® should be around 75F. I live in MN and since our temps are already at record lows, the bottles felt cool to the touch when I  started to work with them. In order to bring them to temp, I placed them in a container of warm water for about 10 minutes.


3. ETI provides a number of options for coloring your resin. For several of my molds, I chose to do just the clear resin and add Clearsnap Glitter in Winter Frost.  For one of the molds, I opted to use Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigment in Black. I added several drops of black to get the color I wanted, then I added a bit of glitter to this as well.

11 10

4. Once getting your resin colors at the desired look, you’re ready to pour into your molds. Depending on your molds, you can pour all one color, or put multiple colors within the mold. Since one of mine, the flower shape, has many openings, I wanted both the black and clear. When you’re working with smaller areas such as this, it’s easier to place the resin in the mold using a toothpick or maybe a small popsicle stick. This way you can control the amount going into each opening.


5. Once you pour the molds, you want to keep them free from dust. I place mine on a cookie sheet, then I cover with a second cookie sheet.
NOW – the hardest part!!! You must wait. For those of us that are impatient, this can be difficult. These need to sit for about 24 hours. Once completed, you’ll just flip the mold over and easily twist and they pop right now. Here’s what mine looked like (I forgot to take a photo immediately after removing them from the mold, so the photos on the right have ink around the edges):

26 25

Notice the object on the left. It’s not quite what I expected. Since I was using two colors and carefully placing in my mold, I didn’t quite fill the mold. So, when I removed, it was very irregular shaped. But, I did like it! I have to say, these products can be quite addicting! The ideas are limitless!!!

6. I started with a blank canvas, 4″x12″ and a photo that I cut around the image. I then gathered an assortment of ribbon, trinkets, tissue paper, cheesecloth, flowers, chain, watch piecesetc. to use on the canvas. I decided approximately where I wanted to place the photo, so I drew in pencil, as not to place items.

7. To start, I used ETI Ultra-Seal. 9
This product can be used as a glue, sealer, or decoupage. For this project, it was used as all 3! I wanted to put cheesecloth around my image, so I made sure to lay it over the image, and make a cutout to have for later.
I started by brushing a thin layer of Ultra-Seal over the area I wanted to work with. Place tissue paper on, add more Ultra-Seal. I continued doing this with tissue paper to make formations. I then added cheesecloth, doing the same thing, placing in random areas on the canvas. Different objects, ribbons, twine were added – each adding more Ultra-Seal. You can continue adding to achieve the textured result you wish. The heavier or bulkier your items are, you may have to stop in between and place something heavier on them to lay them flat (see image). This is always a good time to take a break.

8. I continued to add embellishments until I was happy with the placement. Next step is to apply a layer of Gesso, which is essentially a white primer to use prior to painting – it looks much like white acrylic paint.
Gesso does add a bit of texture itself. To add even more texture, I used a modeling paste, along with Ann Butler’s Art Screen in Lattice. ColorBox Surfacez in black was sponged onto the raised lattice design. LOVE these stencils for this!!
9. I used Ann Butler’s Faux Quilting Stamps, both 1″ Stripes and Plaids and 2″ Diamonds and Plaids, to add further dimension on the canvas – randomly stamped, again in black ink. A combination of both ink and black acrylic paint was used to go around the sides and edges of the canvas.
10. Painting the canvas is the next step. I used Ann Butler’s Iridescents by EarthSafe Finishes in Aquamarine. Depending on the look you want, you can cover the image in it’s entirety or leave some of the lighter color showing through. As you’ll see, I covered the entire canvas. These Iridescents are great, because they are slightly transparent, and have a bit of shimmer, and still allow the darker black to show through.
11. Next, add the “toppings” – I added chipboard, painted first with Ann Butler’s Iridescents by EarthSafe Finishes in Aquamarine, then inked with ColorBox Surfacez in black. I glued these on the canvas with hot glue.

12. The remainder of the extras on top are the resins made earlier. Since I used the clear resin, I wanted to add a bit of color underneath. To add some contrasting color, I mixed both Ann Butler’s Iridescents by EarthSafe Finishes in Aquamarine and Limelight, along with a little gesso. Love this!
I then used this color mixture to highlight around various areas, everywhere from the image itself to the chipboard letters. A few additions were added around – some pearls and rhinestones.

And that’s it! Here’s the finished canvas again. I hope you’ve enjoyed!
final project border

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    1. How special and stunning. I so understand not having family at Christmas and what a great way to show your love of them. Vey unique.

  1. This is a gorgeous piece with so many layers of texture, color, and pattern.

    Thanks for sharing how you created this project. I learned a lot from your post, especially since I have not worked with many of the products you’ve used!

    Lastly, it’s fabulous to see some of your work. It’s been way too long. I’m going to add you to my blog roll!

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